About Us

Scott Venning

Scott began drag racing in the late 1960’s and by 1970 was racing NHRA B/MP Modified Eliminator.

Scott stopped driving in 1973 and concentrated on engine building and building race cars. He also enjoyed custom car painting and painted most of the race cars he was involved with.

By the late 70’s and early 80’s Scott became involved in rebuilding Ferraris and specialized in Ferrari engines.

During the mid 1980’s Scott started a telecommunications company and for the next 25 years worked in the corporate world.

In 1997 Scott teamed up with Tony Christian to go racing again and raced NMCA Pro Street. Scott and Tony have been friends and raced together since 1970.

Scott wanted to do something different and in 2005 he became involved in Motorcross racing and Supercross racing and was building Honda engines for people around the world. Heath Voss and Scott raced AMA Supercross and X Games.

In 2015 Scott wanted to get into drag racing again, but missed the days of the early Pro Stock cars. He formed Pro Stock Rescue with Woody Mays.

Scott, Woody Mays and Greg Kaplan worked together in the mid 1970’s at Ronnie Kaplan Engineering, where some of the first Pro Stock cars were built.

Go the www.venningmotorsports.com to see more about Scott.

1971 Pro Stock - Racing Wally Booth

1972 NHRA B/MP Modified Eliminator

1998 Christian & Venning NMCA Pro Street

1997 Christian & Venning NMCA Pro Street

Building Race Bikes and Racing with Heath Voss -- AMA Supercross and X Games

Woody Mays

Woody started his career in race car building with Greg Kaplan at Ronnie Kaplan Engineering in 1972 building Pro Stock cars when the NHRA class was beginning. Woody and Greg built many Pro Stock cars including cars for the Rod Shop and Joe Satmary. Woody and Scott Venning became friends in the mid 1970’s while both worked at Ronnie Kaplan Engineering.

In 1975 Woody was working with Greg Kaplan at Greg’s new shop, Chassis Craft, building Pro Stock cars. Woody built the 1978 Pro Stock Mercury Zepher for Animal Jim Feurer.

By 1979 Chassis Craft was sold to VFN Fiberglass and Woody was running the shop and building Pro Stock cars.

In 1981 Woody moved to Atlanta to work at Jerome Bradford Race Cars. This is where he teamed up with Warren Johnson and built the 1983 Pro Stock Hurst Olds, which was featured in Hot Rod Magazine. Woody also built the original “Party Time” Pro Stock Firebird for Jim Ruth / Darrel Alderman.

Woody Race Cars was opened in 1983 and Woody kept busy building many cars. Here are some highlights: Charlie Peppers 1983 Pro Stock Thunderbird, two more “Party Time” Firebirds, 12 Pro Stock Camaros, over 25 Econorail Dragsters, and Richard Holcomb’s Top Fuel Dragster.

A change came in 1989 when Woody went to work for Fab Car building road race GTP 962 Porsches and GTO’s.

Woody moved back to Chicago in 1992 and worked for Gary Heidt who was starting a new business, Heidts Hot Rod Shop. Woody was involved in R&D and new products.

From 1997 - 2001 Woody worked between Heights Automotive Group and Alston Racing.

Woody missed doing his own thing and in 2001 started Woody Race Cars again. This time in Chicago building Pro Stock Cars, Top Dragsters, Super Pro Dragsters, and Jr Dragsters.

Wanting to take a break from his one man shop, in 2008 Woody worked again for Alston and Heights, which eventually became one business. Woody built the 2012 Pro ET Championship Camaro for Simon Gough and the car was raced in England.

The urge to be on his own again came in 2014 and Woody Race Cars was up and running once more.

Joe Satmary 1971 Pro Stock Camaro

Animal Jim Feuer 1978 Pro Stock Zepher

Warren Johnson 1983 Pro Stock Hurst Olds

Jim Ruth / Darrel Alderman -- 1982 Pro Stock Firebird "Party Time" -- 1st Pro Stock in the 6's

Richard Holcomb 1988 Top Fuel Dragster -- 3rd Top Fueler in the 4's

Hector Laraquente 2006 Pontiac GTO Pro Stock

Simon Gough 2012 Pro ET Camaro -- Championship Car in England