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Nostalgic Pro Stock Rules

Nostalgic Pro Stock Class 

This is not a pounds per cube class. There is not a weight minimum or cubic inch limit. 
Cars with similar ET's will be paired up for some exciting racing.
We have cars in this group that run high 7's though the 9's.

Questions or comments can be sent to Scott Venning at  

Years allowed in series - 1970 - 1999

There are no cubic inch limits or weight minimum.

Engines - GM design in GM, Ford design in Ford, Mopar design in Mopar.

Transmissions - Lenco, Liberty, Bruno, Powerglide, etc. Driver must change gears.

Steel Roof and Quarter Panels required.

Stock type headlights & grill - no painted on headlights or grills.

Hood Scoop - hood scoops must be era correct. If in question, furnish a picture of a NHRA Pro Stock car,
your year, running at a national event, with a similar hood scoop. 

Headers - must exit under car

Naturally Aspirated

Wheelie Bar length - maximum 68 inches
Fuel - same requirements as current NHRA Pro Stock.