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3.75 Pro Stock Rules

Pro Stock 3.75 Class 

Below are the basics for the class. These rules are not finalized yet. 

Questions or comments can be sent to Scott Venning at 


Years allowed in series - 1970 - 1999

3.75 pounds per cubic inch 

Weight minimum - 2350 pounds

Engines - GM design in GM, Ford design in Ford, Mopar design in Mopar.

Bore Spacing - GM maximum 5.000" Ford and Mopar coming.

Transmissions - Lenco, Liberty, clutch is required.

Steel Roof and Quarter Panels required.

Stock type headlights & grill - no painted on headlights or grills.

Hood Scoop - any style ok

Headers - must exit under car

Naturally Aspirated

Wheelie Bar length - maximum 68 inches

Fuel - same requirements as current NHRA Pro Stock