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Gillig Motorsports - 95 Cutlass

Bob & Tony Gillig are bringing back their 95 Pro Stock Cutlass to race in the 3.75 Class

Here is the original 95 Olds Cutlass Bob & Tony
Gillig raced in NHRA Pro Stock

Got the Cutlass home, looked it over carefully
and started planning out the project

Titanium wheels bars!

The work starts, new motor plate.

Back from powder coating  1/16/18

The Gillig's new 95 Cutlass Pro Stock is completed!

Bob & Tony found this Don Ness 95 Cutlass
in Las Vegas and decided it was the perfect 
car to recreate their Pro Stock Cutlass

Titanium rear end housing!

Carbon fiber tubs installed

Liberty 5 Speed and Browell bell housing installed

Carbon fiber tunnel Installed