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Venning - 81 Camaro

See this RESCUED 1981 Don Hardy Pro Stock Camaro go through complete restoration and updating on Pro Stock Rescue.

It will be returned to a Lenco shifted Pro Stock with today's technology and performance!

Start at the bottom of the pictures and work your way up

Spent the day working with Tim Oros - paint shop

Tim Oros - step one of the painting project

Tunnel completed and powder coated

Fitting the Optic Armor windows

Pedals completed

A big thanks to Cary at C&R for the new
custom radiator, unbelievable workmanship!

Headers complete 11/10/17
Big thanks to Burns Stainless!

Rear fiberglass bumper now bolts on.



Jaz fuel cell and Quick Fuel pump installed

Door window frame being fabricated,
no need for window latches with our set up.

Rear window fitted

Framework for windows being fabricated

Optic Armor windows being installed. 

These windows are perfection! Absolutely crystal 
clear and fits like a stock window.

Starting on the dash

Many hours in the front end tree, which allows
the headlights and grills to be installed and 
removed just like the original ones. 

A lot of fiberglass work so the headlights
and grills bolt in.

Original grills and headlights replacing
the airbrushed ones

Rear bumper is completely modified and 
bolts on now.

Custom Billet Specialties beadlocks
on Hoosier tires. 

Perfect Cragar Supertrick wheels.

Completely reworking fiberglass doors
so all the body seams line up properly

Kirkman Composites made our 
carbon fiber wheel tubs.

Funny car cage being fabricated.

Braille 16 volt battery
(8 pounds)

Wheels Bars being built

OEM cowl going in

New front frame under construction.
Lamb struts being installed.

Removing Engine

Reher Morrison 588ci

The project car in 1983
1981 Don Hardy Pro Stock Camaro

First start up of engine!

Electrical completed and tested
Engine ready to start

Hood mounted, which completes all
the body repairs, fitting, and modifications.

Light weight structure to support hood and 
incorporate Dzus fasteners. Fuel pump relocated.

Starting the wiring, Racepak, MSD, 
Braille battery, Smartwire, Auto Meter.

Joe from Hyperaktive has been a big
help on this project!

Auto Meter gauges installed. Wiring
and powder coating brackets next.

CO2 Bottle for Lenco installed



New Reher Morrison engine installed. 

Custom Quick Fuel Technology carbs.

White Safety Equipment chutes installed.

Wing under construction

Just received the new Ram dual disc clutch.

Just finished up the Lenco 5 speed with levers.
We will run both types of shifters.

Lenco 5 speed installed with Liberty air shifter.

Browell made the aluminum bell housing to 
specifically fit our frame rails.

Goodyear Pro Stock tires on Billet Specialties 
beadlock wheels.

Reworking rear quarter panels and
installing lip that was removed.

Old paint being removed

Fabricating ends on cowl to Dzus front end to. 
New door hinges finished.

Cowl finished up with removable firewall.

Anti roll bar fabricated and installed.

Wishbone being fabricated.

Rear end completed. Strange pro stock axles, 
spool, and aluminum center section.

Rear end has all the brackets, braces, and housing ends
 on and ready for a test fit.

Glasstek truck lid fitted.

Fabricating lip to support trunk lid
and incorporate Dzus fasteners.

Fitting the new seat

Remove Powerglide

Last Picture Before Disassembly 

The project car on 9/27/15
Scott Venning testing the Camaro project car
before complete disassembly starts