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Pro Stock Rescue Pro Stock Class - This class will have the official name soon

These cars are racing in Pro Stock Rescue's
Pro Stock Series

Coming Summer 2017

This is a heads up class, based on pounds per cube. This will be a very
competitive class and have Pro Stocks capable of running in the 6's.

These cars will have the look of the early Pro Stocks and will 
perform like Pro Stocks of today. 

This class is for serious racers. There will be qualifying, and cars will
run off a typical ladder.

Check under Pro Stock Rules for details.

There is a lot in the works for this racing series.

Please contact Scott Venning or Tony Christian for information
on this class at

Scott Venning / Tony Christian
Reher Morrison 81 Chevrolet Camaro

Chuck Weck's New 90 Pontiac Firebird
Going through complete transformation over the winter.

Shane & Mike Westmoreland's
Original Joe Lepone 87 Beretta

Bob and Tony Gillig's 95 Cutlass currently being built.
The progress on the build will be shown on Pro Stock Rescue.

Bill Neri's
1974 Warren Johnson Chevrolet Camaro

Mark Pappas's New car coming soon!
 Reher Morrison 82 Chevrolet Camaro
This project will be seen on the Pro Stock Rescue TV Show