Nostalgic Pro Stock

 Nostalgic Pro Stock Series 

This class is not based on pounds per cube. There is not a
weight minimum or cubic inch limit. Cars with similar ET's
will be paired up for some exciting racing. We have cars
in the group that run high 7's though the 9's.

We are working on many things to make
this class fun, exciting and competitive.

This class is a place to race and enjoy your Nostalgic Pro Stock
of any performance level. This class will also receive a lot
of coverage and be a great way to get exposure for your car.
This is becoming a very popular class.

Please contact Scott Venning for information on this class at 

Animal Jim Feurer
78 Mercury Zephyr "Zeke"

Mark Pappas's
1981 Reher Morrison Chevrolet Camaro

Ebbie Merritt / Mark Williamson
Original 1972 Plymouth Barracuda Motown Missile

Mark Pappas's 
Original 1972 Bill Jenkins Chevrolet Vega Grumpy's Toy X

photo by WR Swanson
Rick Cassel's
Bob Glidden 79 Plymouth Arrow

Mark Pappas's
1980 Bill Jenkins Chevrolet Camaro Grumpy's Toy XVI

photo by WR Swanson
Kevin Prior's
Warren Johnson Olds Firenze

Tom Bryan's
Bill Jenkins / Joe LePone 80 Camaro
Grumpy's Toy XV

                                      Ted Peter's
1973 Plymouth Duster - Patriot Missile

Mike Ruth's 
1978 Bob Glidden Ford Fairmont

photo by WR Swanson
George Kubis's
1978 Plymouth Arrow - Billy the Kid Stepp

Mike & Sherri Roppo
Rod Shop Pontiac Firebird

John Denbrock's
1973 Bill Jenkins Chevrolet Vega Grumpy's Toy IX

Jeff Rudisill's 
Eckman & Orndorff 87 Camaro

Tom Bryan's
Bill Jenkins Mountain Motor Match Race
77 Monza Grumpy's Toy XIV

photo by WR Swanson
Art Ludwig's
Butch Leal 73 Plymouth Duster

Shane & Mike Westmoreland's

Original Joe Lepone 87 Beretta

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