Pro Stock Rescue Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4 are now showing on Autowerkz TV 

5/3/17 Dave Reher and Tony finished the Camaro engine
and it's in the car, and we are ready to build headers.

7/1/16 - Al Tucci has teamed up with Pro Stock Rescue
and will be the voice narrating the TV episodes, along
with many other things we have planned.

Al is a long time friend of Tony, Scott and Woody and 
we are really excited to have Al with us. Al has one of the 
longest running commentator careers in drag racing. Al's familiar voice will will be a great addition to the show.

Big story soon about this car. 

Looks like there will be a 82 Camaro joining 
the 81 Camaro in the racing series.

4/2/16 Mark Pappas and Scott
Meeting of the minds!!

3/20/16 I think Tony might be telling a story!

3/20/16 Scott & Andy Ungar AutowerkzTV

3/20/16 Tony getting comfortable.

It's official, Bob Gillig has purchased a Don Ness 
Cutlass and he and Tony are building a car to look 
just like their original Pro Stock Cutlass, with upgrades. 

Their new Pro Stock Cutlass will race with us 
in the 3.75 pounds per cube heads up class.

Tony Gillig has been at Pro Stock Rescue and has 
the urge to go racing again. Might be another
announcement soon.

Bob Gillig and I have been friends since 1970. Bob and
I were racing my Nova when Tony was a just born!

Warren Johnson is onboard with Woody and
Scott building an 83 Hurst Olds. The exciting thing about
this is that Woody built the original 83 Hurst Olds for 
Warren. We are working on putting this project together.

Animal Jim Feurer, Scott & Woody are kicking around
ideas for the famous 78 Zephyr "Zeke"


The original Wally Booth 69 Camaro has been
restored and already made some passes at the
 drag strip. Pictures of the current coming car soon.


I am excited to see it because that was the first 
Pro Stock car I raced - 1971

4/2/16 Mike Ruth and Scott
Putting a plan together.  

3/20/16 Scott, Tony, Ron & Tim AutowerkzTV

3/20/16 Al Tucci and Tony Christian
AutowerkzTV interview