As things develop, it will be posted here on the website.

5/3/17 Dave Reher finished the Camaro engine
and it's in the car, and we are ready to build headers.

7/1/16 - Al Tucci has teamed up with Pro Stock Rescue
and will be the voice narrating the TV episodes, along
with many other things we have planned.

Al is a long time friend of Tony Christian, Scott 
Venning, and Woody Mays and they are really 
excited to have Al with them. Al has one of the 
longest running commentator careers in drag racing.
Al's familiar voice will be a great addition to the show.

4/2/16 Scott Venning and Mark Pappas
Discussing the 3.75 Pro Stock Class

Tony & Bob Gillig's 95 Pro Stock Cutlass 
is completed and on the track!

Tony Gillig has been at Pro Stock Rescue and has 
the urge to go racing again. Might be another
announcement soon.

Bob Gillig and Scott Venning have been friends since 
1970. Bob and Scott were racing his Nova 
when Tony was just born!

Warren Johnson, Woody Mays and Scott Venning 
have been discussing building an 83 Hurst Olds to 
race in the 3.75 Pro stock class.The exciting thing about 
this is that Woody built the original 83 Hurst Olds with Warren. 

 Scott Venning, Tony Christian, Ron Madden (camera) 
and Tim Fagan (Production, Director) during a day 
of filming 3/20/16.